Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Totally Turquoise

Rich and vibrant turquoise was named as 2010 color of the year from Pan­tone, the rec­og­nized expert on color.  Amer­ica has long had a love affair with all shades of blue, in fash­ion, home, cars or crayons. But I imag­ine in our tra­di­tional cor­ner of New Eng­land, turquoise might feel intim­i­dat­ing to many peo­ple. You might be think­ing "I can sport that on a neck­lace, but in my home?" Is turquoise too - scary or mod­ern or trop­i­cal - just too?

You might be sur­prised how well turquoise can fit into your tra­di­tional inte­rior. It pairs beau­ti­fully with other blues, and many greens.  Plenty of white lets turquoise shine fresh and crisp, think clouds in the sky or a box from Tiffany. Small doses of orange or coral off­set its cooler side and pro­vide lovely bal­ance.  The com­ple­men­tary reds, pinks, and deeper blues found in many Ori­en­tal rugs brighter up when turquoise is added to the mix. Turquoise can knock the stuff­ing out of a stuffy room!

So how can you bring this lus­cious shade in?  Of course, paint is always great, and easy to change. Look at these turquoise spaces from Eileen Boyd, Kendall Wilkin­son and Fash­ion­able Inte­ri­ors. Fab­u­lous, right?

Still too scary? These three rooms from Phoebe Howard and Tobi Fair­ley, punc­tu­ated by turquoise uphol­stery, ramp up the cool fac­tor and evoke casual and coastal chic. But the tra­di­tional aes­thetic still shines through clearly.

Finally, acces­sories might be enough to bring a new twist to your exist­ing rooms. Incor­po­rate turquoise lamps ala Markham-Roberts, a throw (from Viva Terra), pil­lows or dec­o­ra­tive objects (pieces shown from Global Views) to add the zest with min­i­mal commitment.

Admit­tedly, I’m a lit­tle biased in favor of turquoise - a pair of these lamps from Bun­ga­low 5 grace my office.

Try a lit­tle turquoise - you won’t be sorry!

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