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Monday, February 21, 2011

in the atelier…with Lynn Mackenzie

In the ate­lier today is artist Lynn Macken­zie, another Twit­ter con­nec­tion. What first popped into my head when I saw her work is the word "soul­ful". I see yearn­ing and reach­ing out, striv­ing for con­nec­tion. The col­ors are deep and lush, warm and envelop­ing. And if eyes are the win­dow to the soul, don't you feel you can see right into the soul of these figures?

In her own words, here is Lynn Mackenzie:

Lynn Mackenzie artist aspects of mind

"Aspects of Mind"

1)   What path led you to your life as an artist?

All my life I wanted to be an artist, but it wasn’t always easy.  At art school I strug­gled to try to please all the tutors and really lost my direc­tion for a while.  After art school I didn’t paint for many years as I felt I had lost the abil­ity and con­fi­dence, then a few years ago, my doc­tor sug­gested I give up the stress­ful job I was in at the time and go back to art –I have never looked back! It is some­thing I have to do, if I don’t cre­ate I begin to feel lost.

2)   Please describe three sources of inspi­ra­tion for your art.

My sur­round­ings – I live in a stun­ningly beau­ti­ful area of Scot­land which is immersed in myths and leg­end but am also now becom­ing more fas­ci­nated with other cul­tures as well.  Peo­ple and invis­i­ble con­nec­tions between each other and the world as a whole entity – what makes us con­nect with some but not oth­ers, what trig­gers belief in a cer­tain faith, human­ity in gen­eral.  Words – a phrase, a poem, a sin­gle word said in a cer­tain way can trig­ger a work.

Lynn Mackenzie artist facell


3)   What was the last item you brought home from a trip? Where did you go, and why that item?

A paint­ing painted by an Indian artist I had met through social net­work­ing, Shinod Akkara­param­bil– I attended an inter­na­tional art sym­po­sium in Elabuga, Rus­sia, which he also attended and we arranged to swop an art­work there.  The 10 days  spent there cre­at­ing and talk­ing with 33 other artists was an amaz­ing expe­ri­ence which has inspired to me to travel more to expe­ri­ence and explore other cul­tures and meet artists from other countries.

4)   Please fill in the blank: If I was not an artist, I’d be a:


5)   What advice do you have for peo­ple who are afraid to buy art?

Don’t be afraid, if you love it, buy it and enjoy it – it was painted with love and pas­sion and should make the viewer feel the same.

Lynn Mackenzie artist watching Pandora

"Watch­ing Pandora"

I hope you enjoyed learn­ing more about Lynn and her art. You can fol­low her on Twit­ter @lynnbmackartist or see more at:

I hope you are enjoy­ing the artist pro­files on my blog. I believe art is key to per­son­al­iz­ing any home or office space. I encour­age you to choose art that makes you feel — and sup­port artists both near and far.

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