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Thursday, October 13, 2011

before & after: Barbara Barry to the rescue

Newly-married cou­ples often must work toward blend­ing their worldly goods. There are always a few pieces embraced by one spouse that the other spouse sim­ply can­not stand to look at. Maybe it's a reminder of a for­mer life, or maybe it's just plain or ugly or both! Case in point, the sofa seen in this picture.

curved sofa before barbara barry

curved sofa before

Try not to be dis­tracted by the ghastly pink car­pet! The sofa is cur­va­ceous and fem­i­nine, but a pre­vi­ous dec­o­ra­tor chose to swad­dle it in what appears to be a bathrobe. Blah, bland, bor­ing! My client's first incli­na­tion was to replace it. In exam­in­ing the cush­ions, I noticed the high-end man­u­fac­tur­ers' label and decided to rethink the "pitch-it" plan. (But seri­ously, how is it pos­si­ble to make a VERY expen­sive sofa look so damn ugly? Same designer doubt­less chose the pink car­pet. Enough said.)

As we were work­ing through the meld­ing of house­holds, my clients pur­chased a new home. The own­ers of the home had a very def­i­nite "look" — one that involved the exten­sive use of faux flo­rals with feath­ers — six feather flo­rals in the liv­ing room alone! Yikes. Here's the before (fea­tur­ing four of those florals):

living room by the prior owners

liv­ing room by the prior owners

Frankly, I can't imag­ine any­one sit­ting in this room with­out falling over fast asleep. A snooze-fest of muddy col­ors. It looks like it came from the Bom­bay Com­pany cat­a­log. But notice the room has good bones and great light. It just needs an injec­tion of life and beauty, in other words — my client's personality!

So back to our poor, under-appreciated sofa and my glam­orous, viva­cious client. She favors blues and sil­ver with a lit­tle touch of mod­ernism. Cool, crisp, graphic but not cold. And Bar­bara Barry rides in to save the day — a match made in design heaven.

This is Bar­bara Barry's Inlay, in Delft from Kravet — a con­fec­tion of blue, cream and sil­very gray.

Inlay in Delft, from Kravet

Inlay in Delft, from Kravet

And herein our frumpy sofa sheds her ugly-duckling bathrobe, shows a lit­tle leg and cel­e­brates her curves:

glastonbury glamour living room barbara barry sofa

liv­ing room with a seri­ous dose of Bar­bara Barry glam­our! photo credit: Michael Partenio

Improved, yes? The unchanged Baker chairs and the inher­ited art­work are won­der­ful sup­port­ing play­ers, but the sofa leads this liv­ing room sym­phony! Thanks Bar­bara Barry for unmask­ing the swan!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

lovely things: vignettes from merchandise mart

Mer­chan­dise Mart in Chicago is a great place for design ideas. Show­room vignettes often fea­ture cutting-edge looks, but on this trip I found many that appeared delight­fully livable.

pink and plush from Scalamandre - at merchandise mart chicagopink and plush from Scala­man­dre — at mer­chan­dise mart chicago
warm and sophisticated from John Rosselli at merchandise mart chicagowarm and sophis­ti­cated from John Rosselli at mer­chan­dise mart chicago
shoreline chic from Lee Jofa at merchandise mart chicagoshore­line chic from Lee Jofa at mer­chan­dise mart chicago
traditional elegance from Lee Jofa at merchandise mart chicagotra­di­tional ele­gance from Lee Jofa at mer­chan­dise mart chicago
ethnic pop from Kravet at merchandise mart chicagoeth­nic pop from Kravet at mer­chan­dise mart chicago
lovely lines from Century at merchandise mart chicagolovely lines from Cen­tury at mer­chan­dise mart chicago
fresh citrus from Schumacher at merchandise mart chicagofresh cit­rus from Schu­macher at mer­chan­dise mart chicago

Notice how some­thing as sim­ple as pil­lows can ele­vate a space.

modern colors from Kravet at merchandise mart chicagomod­ern col­ors from Kravet at mer­chan­dise mart chicago
fresh and fun from Kravet at merchandise mart chicagofresh and fun from Kravet at mer­chan­dise mart chicago

Do these vignettes spark some­thing with you?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

fabric friday — blogfest2011 — barbara barry

Another won­der­ful expe­ri­ence at Blogfest2011 was the oppor­tu­nity to lis­ten to inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed inte­rior designer Bar­bara Barry dis­cuss her new col­lec­tion Indo­chine for Kravet. Barbara's slides revealed the many inspi­ra­tions she found dur­ing her trav­els in Asia, par­tic­u­larly in Japan. If you have seen any of her pre­vi­ous fab­ric col­lec­tions, you know her fab­rics are always gra­cious, under­stated and calm. Her per­son­al­ity matches com­pletely! The Asian influ­ence is clearly vis­i­ble; the palette remains soft and ele­gant. In addi­tion to fab­rics, the col­lec­tion includes trim, hard­ware, rugs and believe it or not, her own cus­tom tea blend named Cit­rine. Bar­bara in the Kravet show­room, show­ing the fabrics:

Barbara Barry in the Kravet Showroom

Bar­bara Barry in the Kravet Showroom

Close up shots of sev­eral fab­rics — I wanted you to see the texture…

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

Barbara Barry for Kravet "Wind Palace"

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet "Wind Palace"

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

kravet indochine hardware

kravet indo­chine hardware

indochine trim from Barbara Barry for Kravet

indo­chine trim from Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

What do you think? I think sub­tle and beau­ti­ful, like the lady her­self. Thanks Kravet for the chance to meet this amaz­ing talent.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

blogfest2011 — kravet studio tour

The major high­light of Blogfest2011 for me was Kravet's stu­dio tour. Fab­rics, in all their glo­ri­ous vari­ety, are one of the joys of this busi­ness. To see even a small part of the 18–24 month process of cre­at­ing a new col­lec­tion was truly inspiring.

As you might expect, at the Kravet/Lee Jofa office there is fab­ric everywhere!

new releases from Kravet

new releases from Kravet

ready for a party at Kravet Studio

ready for a party at Kravet Studio

working on design boards for kravet showrooms - each one is different

work­ing on design boards for kravet show­rooms — each one is different

a new windsor smith pattern before revisions

a new wind­sor smith pat­tern before revisions

computer rendering at kravet

com­puter ren­der­ing at kravet

kravet carpet - works in progress

kravet car­pet — works in progress

new Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

new Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

inspiration from Italy at Kravet

inspi­ra­tion from Italy at Kravet

exquisite embroidery on a new Kelly Wearstler pattern for Lee Jofa

exquis­ite embroi­dery on a new Kelly Wearstler pat­tern for Lee Jofa

With new col­lec­tions in the works from Jonathan Adler and oth­ers, it's def­i­nitely an excit­ing time to work at and with Kravet/Lee Jofa! Bring­ing these new prod­ucts to mar­ket is a com­plex and detail-oriented job, with some fab­ric pat­terns being cho­sen thread by thread. Com­puter aids have expe­dited the process in some areas, but much is still accom­plished by hand and eye. It is fas­ci­nat­ing to see a bit of the "inside" work, and enlight­en­ing to see every­one who works at Kravet look­ing so happy and cre­ative. Kudos to the entire team and thanks for the sneak peak into you daily work lives!

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