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Friday, August 9, 2013

color my world — barn red

I unapolo­get­i­cally love color, espe­cially rich col­ors with depth and warmth. Need­less to say, I have not been on the greige band­wagon these last few years! One of my favorite col­ors has always been barn red, per­haps because the ear­li­est home I remem­ber as a child was barn red. Rich, lus­cious red works in tra­di­tional or con­tem­po­rary set­tings, in bold "all-in" ways or sim­ply as an accent to add depth to a space. Are you a red lover?

One of my faves from Black­burn Architects:

New River Bank Barn by Blackburn Architects

New River Bank Barn by Black­burn Architects

Can't han­dle an entire home in barn red? Try just the trim:

barn red trim by 450 architects

barn red trim by 450 architects

Deli­cious red wows in the kitchen:

barn red island by spencer-abbott

barn red island by spencer-abbott

barn red aga makes a splash in a white kitchen by John Kraemer & Sons

barn red aga makes a splash in a white kitchen by John Krae­mer & Sons

Ready to embrace red? Wrap the entire room in high-gloss:

eclectic barn red study by tracy b

eclec­tic barn red study by tracy b

Mix heavy doses of red for seri­ous drama:

barn red blends with jewel tones in this dining room by woodson and rummerfield

barn red blends with jewel tones in this din­ing room by wood­son and rummerfield

Or warm a con­tem­po­rary space with a rich red accent:

barn red contemporary accent wall by  house and house architects

barn red con­tem­po­rary accent wall by house and house architects

So many ways to intro­duce this hue into your home! What would you do?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

before & after: Barbara Barry to the rescue

Newly-married cou­ples often must work toward blend­ing their worldly goods. There are always a few pieces embraced by one spouse that the other spouse sim­ply can­not stand to look at. Maybe it's a reminder of a for­mer life, or maybe it's just plain or ugly or both! Case in point, the sofa seen in this picture.

curved sofa before barbara barry

curved sofa before

Try not to be dis­tracted by the ghastly pink car­pet! The sofa is cur­va­ceous and fem­i­nine, but a pre­vi­ous dec­o­ra­tor chose to swad­dle it in what appears to be a bathrobe. Blah, bland, bor­ing! My client's first incli­na­tion was to replace it. In exam­in­ing the cush­ions, I noticed the high-end man­u­fac­tur­ers' label and decided to rethink the "pitch-it" plan. (But seri­ously, how is it pos­si­ble to make a VERY expen­sive sofa look so damn ugly? Same designer doubt­less chose the pink car­pet. Enough said.)

As we were work­ing through the meld­ing of house­holds, my clients pur­chased a new home. The own­ers of the home had a very def­i­nite "look" — one that involved the exten­sive use of faux flo­rals with feath­ers — six feather flo­rals in the liv­ing room alone! Yikes. Here's the before (fea­tur­ing four of those florals):

living room by the prior owners

liv­ing room by the prior owners

Frankly, I can't imag­ine any­one sit­ting in this room with­out falling over fast asleep. A snooze-fest of muddy col­ors. It looks like it came from the Bom­bay Com­pany cat­a­log. But notice the room has good bones and great light. It just needs an injec­tion of life and beauty, in other words — my client's personality!

So back to our poor, under-appreciated sofa and my glam­orous, viva­cious client. She favors blues and sil­ver with a lit­tle touch of mod­ernism. Cool, crisp, graphic but not cold. And Bar­bara Barry rides in to save the day — a match made in design heaven.

This is Bar­bara Barry's Inlay, in Delft from Kravet — a con­fec­tion of blue, cream and sil­very gray.

Inlay in Delft, from Kravet

Inlay in Delft, from Kravet

And herein our frumpy sofa sheds her ugly-duckling bathrobe, shows a lit­tle leg and cel­e­brates her curves:

glastonbury glamour living room barbara barry sofa

liv­ing room with a seri­ous dose of Bar­bara Barry glam­our! photo credit: Michael Partenio

Improved, yes? The unchanged Baker chairs and the inher­ited art­work are won­der­ful sup­port­ing play­ers, but the sofa leads this liv­ing room sym­phony! Thanks Bar­bara Barry for unmask­ing the swan!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spaces & Places 2011 — the results

This year's Designer Spaces & Mar­ket Places event fea­tured a theme — Inspi­ra­tions from Around the World. Given the royal wed­ding this year and the peren­nial inter­est in all British icons on this side of the pond, I chose British Inva­sion Redux as my theme. British Inva­sion to me is clas­sic 1960's, so nat­u­rally my thoughts went to the incom­pa­ra­ble col­lec­tion of mid-mod at Irwin Feld Design in Stam­ford. The lovely Marcy Feld was imme­di­ately on board. Thanks Marcy!

Rather than cre­ate a com­pletely period room, I wanted to show how mid-mod can mix com­fort­ably with other fur­nish­ings. A new sofa with clean lines and antique chair with over-the-top carv­ings pro­vide an inter­est­ing coun­ter­point to the 1960's pieces: the side­board, cock­tail table, nest­ing tables and orange chair. I think the design works well for mod­ern life, as proven by the num­ber of design­ers and vis­i­tors who were loung­ing in the space at any given time dur­ing the show! A lit­tle tongue-in-cheek nod to the theme, and a lot of fun — it was def­i­nitely a happy chic space!

cynthia mason interiors

Spaces & Places 2011 from Cyn­thia Mason Inte­ri­ors photo credit: Michael Partenio

My write-up for the pro­gram: "As with the British Inva­sion of the 1960’s, today’s design redux melds a cre­ative blend of ele­ments with a British inflec­tion. To a mod­ern melody, mid-century pieces – sub­lime side­board, club chair, cock­tail table – dance effort­lessly with a new sofa and an antique chair rein­vented. Strong lines and bold col­ors chan­nel the 60’s with­out the flower-power excess. With a dash of Rule Brit­ta­nia, this British Inva­sion cre­ates intense emo­tional appeal in a time­less design medley."

Some (non-professional) pictures:

cynthia mason interiors

Some­times, you just need an out­fit to match your space…

rearranged to shed more light for the cocktail party

rearranged to shed more light for the cock­tail party

michael partenio gearing up for a shot

michael parte­nio gear­ing up for a shot

FAB sideboard and chair from Irwin Feld Design

FAB side­board and chair from Irwin Feld Design

dune and duchess candelabra is HOT!

dune and duchess can­de­labra is HOT!

cynthia mason interiors

work­ing a show house can be exhausting…

working while working, if you know what I mean...

work­ing while work­ing, if you know what I mean…

Many thanks to: Irwin Feld Design for the gor­geous mid-century pieces,  Design­SourceCT for the sofa, J.Namnoun for the rugs, Dunes and Duchess for the can­de­labra and Sabino Fal­conieri for the chair lac­quer (a sub­ject for a future post).

A heart­felt thank you to my fel­low design­ers and the event orga­niz­ers for fos­ter­ing such a fun event to ben­e­fit two worth­while non-profits: Rebuild­ing Together Hart­ford and the Hart­ford Preser­va­tion Alliance. And thanks too for all the sup­port­ers who attended the show — your par­tic­i­pa­tion meant a lot to all of us!!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spaces & Places 2011 — the frenzy begins

Designer Spaces and Mar­ket Places starts on Sep­tem­ber 23rd, but our spaces need to be fin­ished this week, ahead of the Bet­ter Con­necti­cut TV crew due to film on Fri­day! The frenzy began Mon­day as design­ers and con­trac­tors started to whip their spaces into shape. Just a tiny pre­view here, because your REALLY need to buy a ticket and sup­port the impor­tant mis­sions of two won­der­ful Hart­ford non-profit orga­ni­za­tions — Rebuild­ing Together Hart­ford and The Hart­ford Preser­va­tion Alliance!

The loose theme this year is Inte­rior Inspi­ra­tions from around the world. I chose British Inva­sion and so am fea­tur­ing a mid-century pop mélange with a dash of British Empire. Intrigued?

Here is the space I was assigned, after the old wall­pa­per was removed but before the new paint:

Spaces and Places after old wallpaper before paint

bare walls at Spaces & Places after the old wall­pa­per was removed

Can't find the acces­sory you need in the color you want? Paint to the rescue!

Spaces and Places

paint to the rescue!

In need of an accent wall, but haven't found wall­pa­per that com­bines the col­ors you love? Try a sten­cil. Some might think it's 'old school' but with a rockin' retro pat­tern like this, you will shock the nay-sayers! This pic­ture is cell-phone dim. The true col­ors: base coat is Ben­jamin Moore's HC-143 Wyeth Blue and the over­lay color is HC-154 Hale Navy.

. Spaces and Places stencil

accent wall underway

And that's all for the pre­view! Stop by on Sep­tem­ber 23rd, 24th or 25th to view the ter­rific spaces from CT's best design­ers. Don't for­get the Pass­port Party on Fri­day Sep­tem­ber 23rd at 6pm. Guar­an­teed fun!

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