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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

color my world — mary mcdonald

mary mcdonald for schumacher
advert fea­tur­ing mary mcdon­ald fab­rics for schumacher

How would you describe this space? Neu­tral room? Orange room? Mod­ern? Tra­di­tional? In a word: exquis­ite. The drap­ery panel fab­ric, Chi­nois Palais from Schu­macher, have a ver­ti­cal repeat of 131.5" ! You need 11 foot ceil­ings to accom­mo­date the full pat­tern. If only…

Equally beau­ti­ful in all col­or­ways, espe­cially Letttuce:


schumacher chinois palais

schu­macher chi­nois palais in lettuce

Visit Schu­macher to see the entire col­lec­tion from Mary McDon­ald — absolutely delicious!


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Monday, May 23, 2011

blogfest2011 — kravet studio tour

The major high­light of Blogfest2011 for me was Kravet's stu­dio tour. Fab­rics, in all their glo­ri­ous vari­ety, are one of the joys of this busi­ness. To see even a small part of the 18–24 month process of cre­at­ing a new col­lec­tion was truly inspiring.

As you might expect, at the Kravet/Lee Jofa office there is fab­ric everywhere!

new releases from Kravet

new releases from Kravet

ready for a party at Kravet Studio

ready for a party at Kravet Studio

working on design boards for kravet showrooms - each one is different

work­ing on design boards for kravet show­rooms — each one is different

a new windsor smith pattern before revisions

a new wind­sor smith pat­tern before revisions

computer rendering at kravet

com­puter ren­der­ing at kravet

kravet carpet - works in progress

kravet car­pet — works in progress

new Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

new Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

inspiration from Italy at Kravet

inspi­ra­tion from Italy at Kravet

exquisite embroidery on a new Kelly Wearstler pattern for Lee Jofa

exquis­ite embroi­dery on a new Kelly Wearstler pat­tern for Lee Jofa

With new col­lec­tions in the works from Jonathan Adler and oth­ers, it's def­i­nitely an excit­ing time to work at and with Kravet/Lee Jofa! Bring­ing these new prod­ucts to mar­ket is a com­plex and detail-oriented job, with some fab­ric pat­terns being cho­sen thread by thread. Com­puter aids have expe­dited the process in some areas, but much is still accom­plished by hand and eye. It is fas­ci­nat­ing to see a bit of the "inside" work, and enlight­en­ing to see every­one who works at Kravet look­ing so happy and cre­ative. Kudos to the entire team and thanks for the sneak peak into you daily work lives!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

fabric (good) friday…from soleil bleu par wellmann

If your week­end thoughts turn toward Easter, renewal and spring, enjoy the embod­i­ment of those sen­ti­ments in the new Salon col­lec­tion from Soleil Bleu par Well­mann. Fresh col­or­ways and ele­gant tex­tures — per­fect for a grown up girl's Easter basket!

the salon collection from soleil bleu par wellmann

the salon col­lec­tion from soleil bleu par wellmann

the salon collection from soleil bleu par wellmann

the salon col­lec­tion from soleil bleu par wellmann

the salon collection from soleil bleu par wellmann

the salon col­lec­tion from soleil bleu par wellmann

the salon collection from soleil bleu par wellmann

the salon col­lec­tion from soleil bleu par wellmann

Wish­ing you all a peace­ful and joy­ous weekend!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

color, color everywhere…which would you choose?

I am work­ing on a new mas­ter bed­room design, wherein the only given is the exist­ing tra­di­tional fur­ni­ture. The major­ity of those pieces are nat­ural cherry or black, so that reddish/orangey shade needs to be worked in/around. I've been see­ing a lot of gor­geous deep blue lac­quered walls lately, influ­enc­ing me to con­sider a blue-based scheme which might not have been a first con­sid­er­a­tion. But blue and orange are nat­ural com­ple­ments, as evi­denced here by Miles Redd:

miles redd room in hague blue

miles redd room in hague blue

This stun­ning room also incor­po­rates a vari­ety of greens and pat­terned neu­trals — an eclec­tic mix that is end­lessly engag­ing. For these clients who love color, I've also been delv­ing into some large scale prints, includ­ing Chi­ang Mai Dragon from Schu­macher. This peren­ni­ally pop­u­lar pat­tern is avail­able in a num­ber of intense col­or­ways — open­ing up a lot of avenues lead­ing toward an eclec­tic look.

chiang mai dragon in alabaster

chi­ang mai dragon in alabaster

I'm espe­cially par­tial to the alabaster col­or­way, with that juicy cit­ron accent and hints of black. Per­haps with these lovelies from Arte­ri­ors?

kaleigh from arteriors home

kaleigh from arte­ri­ors home

The lac­quer col­or­way is intense!

chiang mai dragon in lacquer

chi­ang mai dragon in lacquer

Maybe pull out the teal to cool off that red?

paddy from arteriors home

paddy from arte­ri­ors home

There are inter­est­ing shades of blue in each of these col­or­ways, along with enough choices in accent col­ors to make heads spin. But the china blue col­or­way is the most traditional:

chiang mai dragon in china blue

chi­ang mai dragon in china blue

And could develop a mono­chro­matic all-blues scheme for peace and serenity.

paulette from arteriors home

paulette from arte­ri­ors home

If you were tired of tra­di­tional, which direc­tion would you head? Shake it up with col­or­ful eclec­tic? Or wake it gen­tly with sooth­ing but mod­ern blues?

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