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Friday, August 19, 2011

fabric friday — eskayel

Not your typ­i­cal fab­ric pat­terns, these beau­ties from Eskayel let you inter­pret their mean­ing, almost like an ink blot test. Is it tie-dye? Batik? Do you care? It's just plain cool!

Setting Sun in raspberry linen
set­ting sun in rasp­berry on linen
culebra cubic in blue linen
cule­bra cubic in blue on linen
sweetwater in aqua linen
sweet­wa­ter in aqua on linen

This is just a small selec­tion of the many inter­est­ing fab­rics Eskayel offers. Addi­tion­ally, they fea­ture pil­lows, bas­kets and more on their web­site. An espe­cially fun fea­ture, you can shop their line by color. Enjoy!

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