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Friday, May 27, 2011

fabric friday — blogfest2011 — barbara barry

Another won­der­ful expe­ri­ence at Blogfest2011 was the oppor­tu­nity to lis­ten to inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed inte­rior designer Bar­bara Barry dis­cuss her new col­lec­tion Indo­chine for Kravet. Barbara's slides revealed the many inspi­ra­tions she found dur­ing her trav­els in Asia, par­tic­u­larly in Japan. If you have seen any of her pre­vi­ous fab­ric col­lec­tions, you know her fab­rics are always gra­cious, under­stated and calm. Her per­son­al­ity matches com­pletely! The Asian influ­ence is clearly vis­i­ble; the palette remains soft and ele­gant. In addi­tion to fab­rics, the col­lec­tion includes trim, hard­ware, rugs and believe it or not, her own cus­tom tea blend named Cit­rine. Bar­bara in the Kravet show­room, show­ing the fabrics:

Barbara Barry in the Kravet Showroom

Bar­bara Barry in the Kravet Showroom

Close up shots of sev­eral fab­rics — I wanted you to see the texture…

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

Barbara Barry for Kravet "Wind Palace"

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet "Wind Palace"

Barbara Barry for Kravet

Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

kravet indochine hardware

kravet indo­chine hardware

indochine trim from Barbara Barry for Kravet

indo­chine trim from Bar­bara Barry for Kravet

What do you think? I think sub­tle and beau­ti­ful, like the lady her­self. Thanks Kravet for the chance to meet this amaz­ing talent.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

blogfest2011 — kravet studio tour

The major high­light of Blogfest2011 for me was Kravet's stu­dio tour. Fab­rics, in all their glo­ri­ous vari­ety, are one of the joys of this busi­ness. To see even a small part of the 18–24 month process of cre­at­ing a new col­lec­tion was truly inspiring.

As you might expect, at the Kravet/Lee Jofa office there is fab­ric everywhere!

new releases from Kravet

new releases from Kravet

ready for a party at Kravet Studio

ready for a party at Kravet Studio

working on design boards for kravet showrooms - each one is different

work­ing on design boards for kravet show­rooms — each one is different

a new windsor smith pattern before revisions

a new wind­sor smith pat­tern before revisions

computer rendering at kravet

com­puter ren­der­ing at kravet

kravet carpet - works in progress

kravet car­pet — works in progress

new Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

new Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

inspiration from Italy at Kravet

inspi­ra­tion from Italy at Kravet

exquisite embroidery on a new Kelly Wearstler pattern for Lee Jofa

exquis­ite embroi­dery on a new Kelly Wearstler pat­tern for Lee Jofa

With new col­lec­tions in the works from Jonathan Adler and oth­ers, it's def­i­nitely an excit­ing time to work at and with Kravet/Lee Jofa! Bring­ing these new prod­ucts to mar­ket is a com­plex and detail-oriented job, with some fab­ric pat­terns being cho­sen thread by thread. Com­puter aids have expe­dited the process in some areas, but much is still accom­plished by hand and eye. It is fas­ci­nat­ing to see a bit of the "inside" work, and enlight­en­ing to see every­one who works at Kravet look­ing so happy and cre­ative. Kudos to the entire team and thanks for the sneak peak into you daily work lives!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

blogfest2011 — kravet's marketing win

Blogfest2011, the first of its kind event in NYC last week, was the brain­child of Beth Greene and the Kravet/Lee Jofa team. I've always been a fan of Kravet — they are my first go-to on every project due to the depth and breadth of their prod­uct line, which includes fab­rics, fur­ni­ture, hard­ware, car­pet and light­ing.  Add in excep­tional qual­ity and amaz­ing client ser­vice — they are a com­pany that loves design­ers and are much loved in turn. Why then invite 120 designer blog­gers and design­ers who write blogs to NYC for three days of design amaze­ment? Because that's how fans are turned into brand evan­ge­lists.

Social media savvy Kravet rec­og­nizes the reach of design blogs and the influ­ence they have on those who read them. While inte­rior design­ers are the con­duit through which Kravet sells its trade-only prod­ucts, touch­ing mil­lions of prospec­tive end con­sumers of their prod­ucts directly via blogs can only rein­force their brand. When con­sumers start ask­ing for Kravet prod­ucts, that's a huge win for both Kravet and inte­rior design­ers. Kravet's mag­a­zine ads are ter­rific, but now they are tak­ing their mes­sage to the streets via "the beat reporters of today" as Newell Turner (edi­tor in chief of House Beau­ti­ful) describes bloggers.

the delightful Kravet family

the delight­ful Kravet family

The entire Blogfest2011 event was suc­cess­ful, with only a minor let­down on the first day. I think a lot of the blog­gers assumed that lunch­ing with Hearst was the same as being taken seri­ously by Hearst. The now infa­mous "fluffy slip­pers" com­ment aside, there were some edi­tors who were clearly con­de­scend­ing toward blog­ging as a medium, while oth­ers, if not truly embrac­ing blog­gers, acknowl­edged that the pub­lish­ing land­scape is fast becom­ing a more level play­ing field. When any­one can pub­lish to the web, yes Major Mag­a­zine Edi­tors, there may be a lot of unpro­fes­sional look­ing blogs with poor edit­ing and writ­ing. But there will also be pro­fes­sion­als who train their own teams and pro­duce dig­i­tal con­tent to rival your own. I felt Hearst missed an oppor­tu­nity to learn from an audi­ence so ded­i­cated to communication.

All told, a major thank you and huz­zah to Kravet for an out­stand­ing event. My favorite part was the stu­dio tour of Kravet, to be shared in my next post.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

blogfest2011 — access to inspired design

As if Brim­field this Fri­day were not enough to look for­ward to, next week is the long-awaited Blogfest2011! This 3-day event is strictly for design blog­gers or design­ers with blogs (not the same thing) and spon­sored by the won­der­ful peo­ple at Kravet and Lee Jofa. Kravet and Lee Jofa rec­og­nized early on the impor­tance and reach of "new media". They embrace social media in its many forms and clearly under­stand that 100+ blog­gers cham­pi­oning your brand and prod­ucts offers a major return on investment.


The agenda is sim­ply amaz­ing. Mon­day focuses on tra­di­tional design mag­a­zines and their evo­lu­tion in the "new media" world. (Not sure why I still put "new media" in quotes; it's not that new any more.) Atten­dees will hear from the edi­tors of House Beau­ti­ful, Veranda and Town & Coun­try. We will hear from those who cre­ate and pub­lish the gor­geous mags that you and I fill our inspi­ra­tion fold­ers from! I look for­ward to hear­ing how these tal­ented folks are nav­i­gat­ing the chang­ing media landscape.

Mon­day evening frankly sounds like a non-stop party! First a sneak peak and tour with (Elle Décor editor-in-chief Michael Boodro) of the Elle Décor Mod­ern Life Con­cept House. Fol­lowed by the #DesignTV cock­tail party and TweetUp hosted by Amy Dra­goo, Jonathan Legate and Joss & Main.

If we all sur­vive Mon­day, Tues­day is another action-packed day. Blogfest2011 coin­cides with both the Inter­na­tional Con­tem­po­rary Fur­ni­ture Fair and the Kips Bay Dec­o­ra­tor Show­house. (Note to self: charge cam­era bat­tery and bring [styl­ish] sen­si­ble shoes. 2nd note to self: go buy styl­ish sen­si­ble shoes.) We will be attend­ing both if we can walk really, really fast. Fol­lowed by lunch and the unveil­ing of the Lilly Pulitzer col­lec­tion from Lee Jofa. That already sounds like a full day, right? But wait: let's add Bar­bara Barry her­self pre­view­ing her new Indo­chine col­lec­tion with Kravet, and then hav­ing tea with all the atten­dees! OMG! At this point, I could pass out a happy, happy girl (prob­a­bly wear­ing slip­pers). No, let's hop on a bus to Long Island City for a cock­tail party where Tra­di­tional Home and Lee Jofa will present the Her­itage Col­lec­tion via sets designed by design lumi­nar­ies like Eric Cohler, Thomas O'Brien and Dia­mond and Baratta. And did I men­tion, they will be there??!! Full-scale swoon! Folks — it's not even din­ner time yet! Back to the city to the Sub-Zero and Wolf Man­hat­tan show­room in the A&D Build­ing for a culi­nary adven­ture. I. can. not. com­pre­hend. this. day.

And so Wednes­day dawns. Are you think­ing "how can they fol­low Tues­day with­out a let down?" Oh, I know — let's have break­fast with the amaz­ing Mar­garet Rus­sell, editor-in-chief of Archi­tec­tural Digest! Fol­low this with a stu­dio tour of Kravet, Lee Jofa and Brun­schwig & Fils for a glimpse into the world of fab­ric devel­op­ment. And a guided tour of the New York Design Cen­ter. Finally, the sweet end­ing will be in 1stdibs newly-opened NYDC space.

This post is just the agenda! Stay tuned over the fol­low­ing weeks as I share all the excite­ment that actu­ally takes place. And my pro­found thanks in advance to Kravet and Lee Jofa for offer­ing so many of us this won­der­ful opportunity!

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