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Friday, June 24, 2011

furniture friday: the antidote to the boring side table

Some­times I think if I see another bor­ing square wooden side table, I will run scream­ing in the streets! There are so many cre­ative options avail­able to host a book and a bev­er­age, why set­tle for the mun­dane? Here's a roundup of some lively options it would be hard to tire of.

This is sim­ply exquis­ite, from Rose Tar­low Mel­rose House:

viola table from rose tarlow melrose house

viola table from rose tar­low mel­rose house

An excit­ing twist of style from Sher­rill:

accent table from sherrill

metal and stone accent table from sherrill

A funky lit­tle pen­ta­gon from Baker:

dorada side table baker pentagon

dorada side table from baker

A per­sonal favorite from Global Views:

ostrich table global views

ostrich table from global views

Tech­ni­cally this one is almost square, and par­tially wood, but at least a light-year from bor­ing! From Edward Fer­rell + Lewis Mittman

kanoy chairside table from Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman

kanoy chair­side table from Edward Fer­rell + Lewis Mittman

The Syrah table can­not hold a book, but keeps your wine in style! From

syrah wine table by Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman

syrah wine table by Edward Fer­rell + Lewis Mittman

A lit­tle glam and a lit­tle nat­ural, from Arte­ri­ors Home:

stump table from arteriors

stump table from arteriors

For a regal romp into fun, the king of beasts lends his feet, from Baker:

le lion stand from baker

le lion stand from baker

Incred­i­bly detailed bone inlay makes this a stand­out, from Sher­rill:

bone inlay box on stand by sherrill

bone inlay box on stand by sherrill

And finally, a sym­phony by Bill Sofield for Baker:

ella table baker by bill sofield

ella table from baker, by bill sofield

What do you think? Ready to skip the plain side table in favor of some­thing a lit­tle jazzier?


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

light my fire…from baker

This one is a show­stop­per! The Christal Chan­de­lier from Baker's Arbus Col­lec­tion is lean and nar­row, per­fect for a small space with high ceil­ings. The can­dle bulbs sit within a crown of crys­tal. The fix­ture is 43.75" long with a 13.5" diam­e­ter. Stunning!

baker's christal chandelier from the arbus collection

baker's christal chan­de­lier from the arbus collection

And another lovely piece from the same col­lec­tion, the Coupelle Chan­de­lier. It's an intrigu­ing col­lec­tion of shapes that form a har­mo­nious whole.

baker's coupelle chandelier from the arbus collection

baker's coupelle chan­de­lier from the arbus collection

Which would you pre­fer in your dream home?

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