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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

lovely things…spotted at west end

Usu­ally unso­licited cat­a­logs are quickly dis­patched to the recy­cling bin, but this one caught my eye. At West End is full of cute recy­cled and rus­tic dec­o­ra­tive acces­sories. This fun take on "See No Evil" is charm­ing and so on trend!

see no evil hear no evil speak no evil owls

"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" owls from at west end

This wee­nie dog made me smile and think of my friend Jane and her lit­tle Jack:

recycled weenie dog from at west end

recy­cled wee­nie dog from at west end

This really could live on my patio!

head stool from at west end

head stool from at west end

The cat­a­log is beau­ti­fully pho­tographed, but every­thing is on the web­site too. Be sure to stop by if recy­cled and rus­tic works for you!


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Monday, May 9, 2011

something lovely…sea glass

What is it about sea glass? Can you pass it by on the beach? Even though I know it is sim­ply bro­ken bot­tles smoothed by sand and wave, still it is irre­sistible. I brought home only a small hand­ful from Posi­tano, but look­ing at it trans­ports me instantly to the rocky beach and its cold waves chas­ing us back from water's edge.

sea glass from Positano

sea glass from Positano

You can always turn your sea glass into jew­elry — an Etsy search turned up an amaz­ing num­ber of cre­ative alter­na­tives. Or you might bring into your home the feel­ing and color evoked by sea glass with this lovely new lamp from Currey:

lamp from Currey

lamp from Currey

While the lamp's glass mosaic is not strictly made of sea glass, the spirit of the piece surely is. What about you? How do you bring home mem­o­ries of your trav­els and incor­po­rate them into your home?

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Monday, April 18, 2011

color, color everywhere…which would you choose?

I am work­ing on a new mas­ter bed­room design, wherein the only given is the exist­ing tra­di­tional fur­ni­ture. The major­ity of those pieces are nat­ural cherry or black, so that reddish/orangey shade needs to be worked in/around. I've been see­ing a lot of gor­geous deep blue lac­quered walls lately, influ­enc­ing me to con­sider a blue-based scheme which might not have been a first con­sid­er­a­tion. But blue and orange are nat­ural com­ple­ments, as evi­denced here by Miles Redd:

miles redd room in hague blue

miles redd room in hague blue

This stun­ning room also incor­po­rates a vari­ety of greens and pat­terned neu­trals — an eclec­tic mix that is end­lessly engag­ing. For these clients who love color, I've also been delv­ing into some large scale prints, includ­ing Chi­ang Mai Dragon from Schu­macher. This peren­ni­ally pop­u­lar pat­tern is avail­able in a num­ber of intense col­or­ways — open­ing up a lot of avenues lead­ing toward an eclec­tic look.

chiang mai dragon in alabaster

chi­ang mai dragon in alabaster

I'm espe­cially par­tial to the alabaster col­or­way, with that juicy cit­ron accent and hints of black. Per­haps with these lovelies from Arte­ri­ors?

kaleigh from arteriors home

kaleigh from arte­ri­ors home

The lac­quer col­or­way is intense!

chiang mai dragon in lacquer

chi­ang mai dragon in lacquer

Maybe pull out the teal to cool off that red?

paddy from arteriors home

paddy from arte­ri­ors home

There are inter­est­ing shades of blue in each of these col­or­ways, along with enough choices in accent col­ors to make heads spin. But the china blue col­or­way is the most traditional:

chiang mai dragon in china blue

chi­ang mai dragon in china blue

And could develop a mono­chro­matic all-blues scheme for peace and serenity.

paulette from arteriors home

paulette from arte­ri­ors home

If you were tired of tra­di­tional, which direc­tion would you head? Shake it up with col­or­ful eclec­tic? Or wake it gen­tly with sooth­ing but mod­ern blues?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

something lovely…spotted at julie neill

Some­times I see a pic­ture that stops me in my tracks and demands a sec­ond and third look. The inter­nal mono­logue begins with "whoa" and con­tin­ues through mul­ti­ple ana­lyt­i­cal "why do I like this? what's new here? where can I get one? ques­tions until I think I've grasped it. This din­ing room is case in point:

dining room via julie neill

din­ing room via julie neill

Show me a Ghost Chair and I'm already hooked, throw in the sexy cabri­ole leg table and this com­po­si­tion sings. But what really stands out for me is that chan­de­lier! Gor­geous, sim­ple, contemporary-meets-old-world — I adore it.

ingrid chandelier from julie neill

ingrid chan­de­lier from julie neill

Part of an amaz­ing light­ing col­lec­tion from Julie Neill, you can see the spirit of New Orleans in many of her pieces. And while many a tra­di­tional home might be infused with regal glamor from this col­lec­tion, there are some sweetly mod­ern­ized selec­tions too.

cosmos from julie neill

cos­mos from julie neill

metropolitan from julie neill

met­ro­pol­i­tan from julie neill

And the Ingrid, which so caught my eye? There is a lantern ver­sion, and a tall pendant!

ingrid pendant from julie neill

ingrid pen­dant from julie neill

How beau­ti­ful is that?

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