Wednesday, February 23, 2011

something lovely…from architectural watercolors

I spot­ted these alpha­bet note­cards from Archi­tec­tural Water­col­ors artists Andrew Zega and Bernd H. Dams in the cur­rent issue of Archi­tec­tural Digest magazine:

architectural watercolors letter C

archi­tec­tural water­col­ors let­ter C for Chinoiserie

architectural watercolors letter M

archi­tec­tural water­col­ors let­ter M for Menagerie

The clas­si­cal illus­tra­tions led me to their web­site, where to my delight I found many more cards. Lit­tle known fact, I adore chi­nois­erie (I've never met a pagoda I didn't like)! Feast your eyes on these gor­geous images:

architectural watercolors shell pagoda

archi­tec­tural water­col­ors shell pagoda

architectural watercolors MA tent

archi­tec­tural water­col­ors Marie Antoinette tent

architectural watercolors porcelain pagoda

archi­tec­tural water­col­ors porce­lain pagoda

architectural watercolors philosophers bridge

archi­tec­tural water­col­ors philoso­phers bridge

architectural watercolors chinese belvedere

archi­tec­tural water­col­ors chi­nese belvedere

Be sure to visit their web­site to view and pur­chase these lovelies. At $3.20 per card, you could put together a per­son­al­ized set of indi­vid­ual cards to gift, or keep for yourself!

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