Monday, June 27, 2011

light up my life…from Maitland-Smith

Oh, I need a beach house just so I can have this sconce! It's funky, orig­i­nal and slightly off­beat — don't you agree? In antique brass, from Maitland-Smith

octopus wall lamp with nautilus shells from maitland smith

octo­pus wall lamp with nau­tilus shells from mait­land smith

I adore func­tional ele­ments in a home that elicit a smile as you walk by!

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  1. KMS says:

    OH my … is it pos­si­ble to fall in love with a sconce?? Call me crazy, because I sure have!!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I know, right? It's cool and weird and funky!

  3. Charm­ing and whimsical!