Saturday, August 7, 2010

designer spaces & market places — drywall, and a new wall!

The Designer Spaces & Mar­ket Places event in Hart­ford begins Sep­tem­ber 23, and my Funky Din­ing Space is in devel­op­ment. The won­der­ful vol­un­teers for Rebuild­ing Together Hart­ford and Hart­ford Preser­va­tion Alliance have been busy tap­ing and sand­ing dry­wall. We've all received our space assign­ments, and I'm delighted with mine, #4. I under­stand that #4 means noth­ing to any of you — but trust me, it's a lovely lit­tle space on the win­dow side of the loft area. Nice straight walls of 13, 12 and 8 feet, should be a breeze, but wait a minute…

What is that new wall on an angle in the back left cor­ner?  Zoom in a second…

Holy poly­gon, Bat­man - the Funky Din­ing Room just got a lit­tle funkier!  I had a sym­met­ri­cal arrange­ment planned for that back wall, but design mim­ics life — things change.  It's almost like a real ren­o­va­tion, a new sur­prise around every cor­ner. Or maybe a new cor­ner wrapped around a sur­prise. Ah well, all will be well.

Later this month, I will unveil the theme for my space, and how all my read­ers and friends can (and hope­fully will) become a part of the Spaces and Places expe­ri­ence. Stay tuned!

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  1. tlsbydesign says:

    A three-sided din­ing ban­quette could be a cool to con­sider. Adapt­ing the fur­ni­ture to com­ple­ment or accen­tu­ate the struc­ture of the room is a grow­ing trends in cus­tom furniture…like a recent Sec­tional that moves along a wall and then weaves around a corner.

    Inter­est­ing space.

  2. Cynthia says:

    TLS­by­De­sign — that is a great idea for a real client's space!