Tuesday, July 20, 2010

designer spaces & market places — decision made!

Thanks to all who voted on Face­book and Twit­ter! Given the ques­tion of which type of room they would like to see at the Designer Spaces & Mar­ket Places event in Hart­ford in September, an over­whelm­ing 80% chose the Funky Din­ing Space!  Wow!  I am sur­prised that so many peo­ple are inter­ested in din­ing areas; or are they really just inter­ested in funky? We've (sort of) con­firmed that chan­de­liers can be hung in the loft space, so the funky din­ing space will soon be underway!

Last night was the first chance design­ers had to visit the spaces. Vol­un­teers for Rebuild­ing Together Hart­ford and Hart­ford Preser­va­tion Alliance built all the wall pan­els and are still in the process of installing and fin­ish­ing them.  Check out what's been done so far…

design­ers and vol­un­teers hard at work!

some­times it's best to meet a new chal­lenge with a drink in hand!

While it may look like all the spaces are the same, due to the nature of the space and those amaz­ing columns, many spaces are devi­at­ing from the 8x12 size we all designed for. Indi­vid­ual spaces haven't been assigned yet — maybe a lot­tery will be used, since nearly every­one wanted the same 4 spaces!  We will all find out next week.  Over­all, a great start to the event, and a won­der­ful group of design­ers involved. I am really look­ing for­ward to the fun!

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