Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas colors — traditional vs. non-traditional?

Thanks­giv­ing passed in a flash, and the Christ­mas rush is upon us! For the first time ever, our tree was stand­ing before Thanks­giv­ing — our own lit­tle Christ­mas mir­a­cle. Actu­ally not so mirac­u­lous, as this is the first year we have tried a faux tree, so it was either set it up or leave the enor­mous ship­ping box in the foyer for another few weeks. It still awaits dec­o­ra­tion other than lights, but this week should see its final dressing.

Our home color scheme is warm, and heav­ily weighted toward golds, reds and greens. Tra­di­tional Christ­mas col­ors blend rather eas­ily with our usual décor. But what if your home palette is cooler, or funkier? Do you force the usual hol­i­day col­ors, or use the color scheme you live with every day?

You can choose col­ors that are not typ­i­cally asso­ci­ated with Christ­mas to cre­ate a unique look, while still using sea­sonal green­ery for a tra­di­tional feel. Or you can trend into a more mod­ern look, with a mono­chrome pal­lette and plenty of metallics.

Have you con­sid­ered pur­ple and gold for a fresh look?

from the daily mail

 Per­haps orange works with your décor? Love the pea­cock topper!

from Veranda, by Mary McDonald

 Blue is increas­ingly pop­u­lar for the holidays…

from prague

Would you give up your green tree in favor of sil­ver or white? I am lov­ing that tree skirt…

from mak­ing it lovely

Have you con­sid­ered the eco-consciousness of your tree choice? I will admit that I have not. My under­stand­ing it that cut-trees are slightly ahead of faux trees on the eco-friendly scale, given that most faux are made with non-renewable plas­tics. Would you, could you, give up both in favor of…plywood?

from buro north

I think I might, if I lived in an urban loft. Con­sider how cool it looks, and it packs flat! Maybe with some decorations?

If you've done non-traditional Christ­mas décor or col­ors at your home, send me a pic­ture. I'd love to share!

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  2. Hi Cyn­thia, thanks for stop­ping by my blog and vot­ing today. I'm happy your com­ment has led me to your blog — it's great. I love that ply­wood christ­mas tree…it would go per­fectly with my décor in my Panama house …I'd even con­sider hang­ing the odd tropical-inspired dec­o­ra­tion throughout.

    *Tania @

  3. Cynthia says:

    Thanks Tania. I love your blog, read it often, just never have time to com­ment! Thanks for visiting!