Monday, May 9, 2011

something lovely…sea glass

What is it about sea glass? Can you pass it by on the beach? Even though I know it is sim­ply bro­ken bot­tles smoothed by sand and wave, still it is irre­sistible. I brought home only a small hand­ful from Posi­tano, but look­ing at it trans­ports me instantly to the rocky beach and its cold waves chas­ing us back from water's edge.

sea glass from Positano

sea glass from Positano

You can always turn your sea glass into jew­elry — an Etsy search turned up an amaz­ing num­ber of cre­ative alter­na­tives. Or you might bring into your home the feel­ing and color evoked by sea glass with this lovely new lamp from Currey:

lamp from Currey

lamp from Currey

While the lamp's glass mosaic is not strictly made of sea glass, the spirit of the piece surely is. What about you? How do you bring home mem­o­ries of your trav­els and incor­po­rate them into your home?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

something lovely…spotted at julie neill

Some­times I see a pic­ture that stops me in my tracks and demands a sec­ond and third look. The inter­nal mono­logue begins with "whoa" and con­tin­ues through mul­ti­ple ana­lyt­i­cal "why do I like this? what's new here? where can I get one? ques­tions until I think I've grasped it. This din­ing room is case in point:

dining room via julie neill

din­ing room via julie neill

Show me a Ghost Chair and I'm already hooked, throw in the sexy cabri­ole leg table and this com­po­si­tion sings. But what really stands out for me is that chan­de­lier! Gor­geous, sim­ple, contemporary-meets-old-world — I adore it.

ingrid chandelier from julie neill

ingrid chan­de­lier from julie neill

Part of an amaz­ing light­ing col­lec­tion from Julie Neill, you can see the spirit of New Orleans in many of her pieces. And while many a tra­di­tional home might be infused with regal glamor from this col­lec­tion, there are some sweetly mod­ern­ized selec­tions too.

cosmos from julie neill

cos­mos from julie neill

metropolitan from julie neill

met­ro­pol­i­tan from julie neill

And the Ingrid, which so caught my eye? There is a lantern ver­sion, and a tall pendant!

ingrid pendant from julie neill

ingrid pen­dant from julie neill

How beau­ti­ful is that?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

architectural digest home show 2011: glass artisans

The AD Home Show MADE sec­tion fea­tured some 150+ indi­vid­ual artists and design­ers of lim­ited edi­tion and/or one-of-a-kind objects and fur­nish­ings. There were an amaz­ing num­ber of cre­ative peo­ple here! I saw numer­ous glass arti­sans, and each had some­thing spe­cial to show. Con­sider these:

An extra­or­di­nary wall instal­la­tion of glass "peb­bles" from Bueno Glass. Notice the pen­dant light­ing on the right — fabulous!

glass stones from bueno glass

glass stones from bueno glass

Blown glass pen­dants from Jamie Har­ris Stu­dio LLC are delight­fully irregular:

hand blown glass pendants from jamie harris studio llc

hand blown glass pen­dants from jamie har­ris stu­dio llc

Lumi­nous col­ors and ele­gant shapes define the glass­ware from Michael Schunke of Nine Iron Stu­dios:

elegant glassware from nine iron studios

ele­gant glass­ware from nine iron studios

Grace­ful, tra­di­tional shapes excite with deli­cious translu­cent color from Hart­ford Art School alum Moshe Bur­suker:

lovely pendants from moshe bursuker

lovely pen­dants from moshe bursuker

This is just a sam­pling of the amaz­ing glass arti­sans on dis­play the the AD Home Show. The show fea­tures such tal­ent — be sure to attend next year if you missed it.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chicago — merchandise mart heaven

I'm still not sure how my travel radar never focused on Chicago before! It's a truly lovely city, with great archi­tec­ture and a thriv­ing design scene.  I grabbed a few hours to myself and wan­dered through the Mer­chan­dise Mart — a design lover's Mecca. The build­ing itself is an archi­tec­tural trea­sure deserv­ing of a visit, and even LEED cer­ti­fied. But I only had eyes for showrooms!

A few things that caught my eye… Zebra was everywhere!

I really, really want one of these!

Yes, I clearly have a thing for chairs. Here's another one that I'd live hap­pily with, from Century's Oscar de la Renta collection.

(eye) candy apple leather comfort!

Oth­ers that intrigue with shape or scale or inter­est­ing uphol­stery, maybe all three…

Thomas O'Brien stretches tra­di­tional seat­ing to new heights

this chaise begs for a racy novel in one hand…

while this requires a racy drink in the other!

 Some­times I took my eyes off the fur­ni­ture and focused on lighting…

this won­der­ful chan­de­lier found a new home with an equally won­der­ful client!

organic light­ing from Odegard

another beauty

LOVE the steam­punk look of this fixture!

this long and lean sconce can fit almost anywhere

After zip­ping through the fur­ni­ture and light­ing areas, I prac­ti­cally raced through a few of my favorite fab­ric show­rooms. Then it was off to meet the fam­ily for a lit­tle more of the Chicago tourist whirlwind.