Monday, February 28, 2011

bathtastic! the digital faucet from Grohe

What do you think of this? The Ondus Dig­i­tec­ture faucet sys­tem from Grohe is wall-mounted and fea­tures dig­i­tal tem­per­a­ture con­trol, touch pad oper­a­tion, a sculp­tural faucet and detach­able hold­ers. Avail­able also in white and chrome, and with a remote con­trol(!) Would you use a dig­i­tal con­trol to set your sink water temperature?


grohe ondus dig­i­tec­ture faucet

Do you think it would save water and money? Sus­tain­able water saver or too high-tech for a bathroom?

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