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Monday, October 27, 2014

Equestrian Chic

Eques­trian chic décor has been in vogue for cen­turies! Even if you are not an eques­trian your­self, you can incor­po­rate the beauty of horses and horse sports into your home in sub­tle ways.

equestrian decor

for your farm­house, go all out with eques­trian décor

horse pillows

lovely eques­trian pil­lows to enhance your sofa

horse doorknob

jump­ing horse doorknob

horse mane photo

over­sized photo of a braided horse mane

horse photo

over­sized horse photo as wall art

driftwood horse head

drift­wood horse head

horse shower curtain

fun horse shower cur­tain from ThomasPaul

equestrian photo

a photo of your favorite equine!


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