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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Design Crush: Thom Filicia

I am on a first name basis with my UPS dri­ver, Mar­tin.  We usu­ally con­nect mul­ti­ple times every week, as assorted design ele­ments arrive at my stu­dio. My point here is that it's not unusual for boxes of fab­rics to land on my doorstep, and that's what hap­pened yes­ter­day. A nice box from Kravet — unex­pected but always welcome.

This morn­ing I finally had a chance to open that box — and OMG!  I was shocked (and might even have drooled just a lit­tle bit) at the three sim­ple books it con­tained — Thom Fil­i­cia's new col­lec­tion for Kravet. Titled "Dawn", "Noon" and "Dusk", the set fea­tures fresh pat­terns with a mod­ern edge and inter­est­ing color com­bi­na­tions — decep­tively sim­ple and oh-so-easy to love.

You may remem­ber Fil­i­cia as the designer on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where he usu­ally cre­ated gold from straw. 

When not on TV, he's a high-profile inte­rior designer with celebrity clients and hotel designs in his port­fo­lio. With the intro­duc­tion of his fur­ni­ture line for Van­guard ear­lier this year, we non-celebrities gained access to his style. Add this new Kravet line, and the Thom Fil­i­cia jug­ger­naut is one step closer to total home domination!

Check out this video inter­view of Thom Fil­i­cia for Kravet and these snap­shots of some of the new pat­terns. But please, do wipe up the drool!

Citysquare, Alvord, Pop­py­field, Prospect

Nia­gra, Bur­net, Prospect, Citysquare, Pop­py­field, Griffith

Crouse, Eureka, Selina, Shonnard

(Fab­ric pho­tos via Kravet)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Locavores delight: Hill-Stead Museum Farmers' Market

Yes­ter­day marked the open­ing of the Farm­ers' Mar­ket at Hill-Stead Museum in Farm­ing­ton.  A ter­rific crowd of loca­vores turned out for the 1st Sun­day! The Mar­ket is open every Sun­day from 11–2 through Octo­ber 24. Hill-Stead hosts the farm­ers' mar­ket as it relates to the Theo­date Pope Riddle's orig­i­nal use of the prop­erty as a work­ing farm to ben­e­fit the community.

Cel­e­brate Con­necti­cut farms!

Beau­ti­ful weather and entic­ing local and organic foods — veg­eta­bles, fruits, meats, cheeses and breads — attracted many. Also avail­able were local prod­ucts like hand-made soaps and lotions, cut flow­ers and yarns. A lit­tle some­thing for every­one, in a lovely set­ting at the Hill-Stead Museum. Make a plan to attend this sum­mer, and stay to visit the ter­rific col­lec­tion at the Museum, pic­nic or hike the grounds.

From George Hall Organic Farm in Sims­bury CT

Neigh­bors and friends shop­ping and chat­ting in a fes­tive atmosphere

Must run now and cre­ate a local salad for lunch…

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Friday, July 9, 2010

cynthia mason interiors — in the news

A quick note of thanks to Amber Bel­laire of Cana­dian Busi­ness Online for the men­tion in her new arti­cle "Spend Money to Make Money When Sell­ing Your Home". If you or any­one you know is plan­ning to sell a home, Amber's arti­cle is full of help­ful tips. Read the full text here.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

"They're boxy but they're good"

This line from the 1990 Dud­ley Moore movie "Crazy Peo­ple" has always summed up my feel­ings about Volvo.  It stuck in my head all these years, long after I'd for­got­ten the name of the movie it was in (had to Google that). Volvos were always rolling boxes to me, for "those" peo­ple intent on a safety cage and unin­ter­ested in design. (All of you die-hard Volvo fans need not lam­baste me, just my opinion!)

1990 Volvo — the def­i­n­i­tion of boxy

Fast for­ward a few years to Decem­ber 2009. I find myself shop­ping for a new car, with only two real con­tenders. And amaz­ingly, one is a Volvo. Have I become one of "those" peo­ple? Or has Volvo finally cre­ated a car desir­able to a design enthu­si­ast? Maybe it's both!

Back in Decem­ber, look­ing to replace my old Jeep, I vis­ited our local Volvo dealer to look at the XC90.  It seemed a decent size, was not bad look­ing — I fig­ured it was worth check­ing out. I walked into the show­room and was prac­ti­cally blinded by a highly pol­ished, cur­va­ceous line of sheet metal. What IS this?  Some­thing I had never seen — the 2010 Volvo XC60.  Oh my — at the risk of being such a girl — it was so pretty! The lines, espe­cially from the back and along the sides, were just exquisite.

XC60 — sleek and pretty!

XC60's cur­va­ceous rear view

Even in the throes of design lust, I don't buy a car based on its looks. The inte­rior lay­out is delight­ful, and of course, the car has more safety fea­tures than any buyer knew she needed. The test drive was com­fort­able and enjoy­able, the upgraded engine peppy enough for a car enthu­si­ast hus­band.  This car was a contender.

I did test drive another car (an Audi), but let's face it, I was smit­ten. And then Bran­don explained about the Over­seas Deliv­ery Pro­gram. Let's see, you will give us a dis­count, fly us to Swe­den to pick up the car, we can drive it any­where and you will ship it home?  Oh yes, I'll take one please!

In Gothen­berg at the Volvo Over­seas Deliv­ery Center

Which leads us to today: after a three month wait for the car to be built, a great visit to Swe­den in April to take deliv­ery and enjoy dri­ving the XC60 on its home turf and 11 looooong weeks while she sailed to the USA, our car finally arrived in CT. (Did I men­tion the Over­seas Deliv­ery Pro­gram is not for those in a hurry for a new car?) And here she is, home at last.

Pretty, yes?