Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christ­mas from our home to yours!

Cairo loves Christmas!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Equestrian Chic

Eques­trian chic décor has been in vogue for cen­turies! Even if you are not an eques­trian your­self, you can incor­po­rate the beauty of horses and horse sports into your home in sub­tle ways.

equestrian decor

for your farm­house, go all out with eques­trian décor

horse pillows

lovely eques­trian pil­lows to enhance your sofa

horse doorknob

jump­ing horse doorknob

horse mane photo

over­sized photo of a braided horse mane

horse photo

over­sized horse photo as wall art

driftwood horse head

drift­wood horse head

horse shower curtain

fun horse shower cur­tain from ThomasPaul

equestrian photo

a photo of your favorite equine!


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Friday, August 9, 2013

color my world — barn red

I unapolo­get­i­cally love color, espe­cially rich col­ors with depth and warmth. Need­less to say, I have not been on the greige band­wagon these last few years! One of my favorite col­ors has always been barn red, per­haps because the ear­li­est home I remem­ber as a child was barn red. Rich, lus­cious red works in tra­di­tional or con­tem­po­rary set­tings, in bold "all-in" ways or sim­ply as an accent to add depth to a space. Are you a red lover?

One of my faves from Black­burn Architects:

New River Bank Barn by Blackburn Architects

New River Bank Barn by Black­burn Architects

Can't han­dle an entire home in barn red? Try just the trim:

barn red trim by 450 architects

barn red trim by 450 architects

Deli­cious red wows in the kitchen:

barn red island by spencer-abbott

barn red island by spencer-abbott

barn red aga makes a splash in a white kitchen by John Kraemer & Sons

barn red aga makes a splash in a white kitchen by John Krae­mer & Sons

Ready to embrace red? Wrap the entire room in high-gloss:

eclectic barn red study by tracy b

eclec­tic barn red study by tracy b

Mix heavy doses of red for seri­ous drama:

barn red blends with jewel tones in this dining room by woodson and rummerfield

barn red blends with jewel tones in this din­ing room by wood­son and rummerfield

Or warm a con­tem­po­rary space with a rich red accent:

barn red contemporary accent wall by  house and house architects

barn red con­tem­po­rary accent wall by house and house architects

So many ways to intro­duce this hue into your home! What would you do?

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

color my world — mary mcdonald

mary mcdonald for schumacher
advert fea­tur­ing mary mcdon­ald fab­rics for schumacher

How would you describe this space? Neu­tral room? Orange room? Mod­ern? Tra­di­tional? In a word: exquis­ite. The drap­ery panel fab­ric, Chi­nois Palais from Schu­macher, have a ver­ti­cal repeat of 131.5" ! You need 11 foot ceil­ings to accom­mo­date the full pat­tern. If only…

Equally beau­ti­ful in all col­or­ways, espe­cially Letttuce:


schumacher chinois palais

schu­macher chi­nois palais in lettuce

Visit Schu­macher to see the entire col­lec­tion from Mary McDon­ald — absolutely delicious!


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